Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a violation of male sexual function

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Kidney cancer

Kidney cancer most often originates from cells that cover kidney tubules

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Male infertility

The man's ability to have sexual intercourse with his ability to fertilize should not be mixed

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Overactive bladder

First of all, among the neurogenic bladder disorders is so-called. Overactive bladder.

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About the bread

A walk

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How to fight gastric influenza

Now is the season of rampant stomach viruses.

Regular prostate examination improves quality of life

Researchers from the clinic in Cleveland reported results of a long-term study.

Women have more frequent thyroid abnormalities

Your thyroid is a small gland at the base of a neck that produces two major hormones - T3 and T4.

A project at an Indian Institute aims at kidney transplantation regardless of blood groups

Hundreds of patients with kidney failure are forced to live on dialysis despite the desire of their loved ones to donate kidney.

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