Description of male infertility.Sterility The man's ability to have sexual intercourse with his ability to fertilize should not be mixed. These are two things that should not be mixed up. A man can be sexually active but infertile. In order to have fertility, the male must not only be fit for normal sex, but also his semen / sperm / should have fertile biological qualities to be able to fertilize. How does male infertility work? In the case of infertility in certain partners, the man must first be examined and then the woman. In some cases, especially in the case of sexual weakness, the man should be examined in a cabinet of urology and andrology. Causes and types of male infertility Causes of male infertility can be different. Male infertility is two types: - Absolute infertility, when the causes are indelible, there are no testicles - Relative infertility when treatment can be eliminated for the treatment Types of male infertility On the other hand, male infertility can be of two types: Infertility due to lack of sexual ability / impotence / ie. Lack of ability to engage in sexual intercourse. The causes of this type of infertility can be: immoderate or vicious development of the genital organs, various diseases of neuropsychic nature, toxic, metabolic and chronic infectious diseases, physical or psychological overwork, exhaustion, etc. In these cases, the sperm is most often with fully preserved fertility. /span>