Kidney cancer most commonly originates from cells that cover kidney tubules and is called renal adenocarcinoma or hypernephroma. In children, the usual kidney tumor is Wilms' tumor. In the statistics on cancer in Bulgaria, kidney tumors are grouped under the kidney cancer section and others. Annually, the newly registered cases in this rubric are about 460. Disease cases during the year are about 260. The disease is characterized by the fact that it does not give complaints in the early stages, and most often its first manifestation is bloody urine staining accompanied by the release of oblong clots. Genetic studies have found that people with genetic mutations leading to rare syndromes such as Von Hippel-Lindau and Tuberous sclerosis have an increased risk of developing kidney tumors. Those affected by Von Hippel-Lindau syndrome develop benign tumors of blood vessels in the brain and spine (hemangioblastoma) and have an increased risk of developing tumors of the kidney and adrenal gland. In about 50% of the newly diagnosed cases, the disease is restricted to the kidney, and 25% of the disease encompasses surrounding tissues, while the other 25% is metastasized to other organs of the body - lungs, bones and others. /span>